WORLD CANCER DAY  4th February

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The Managing Committee

Executive, Founder & Life Members

The Managing Committee shall constitute 10 members comprising six members of the Executive Committee, two members out of Founder Members and two Life Members to be nominated by the Chairman. The Chairman shall nominate the members in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Technical, Finance & Purchase Committee
  1. Technical Committee. All Programmes/Planning of the Society directly/indirectly related with the technical aspects is monitored by this Committee which comprises solely of specialists/super- specialists pertains to various specialization covering various types of Malignancies. These include Public Awareness Programmes, Mass Screening/Free Endoscopy Camp, Diagnostic facilities and Purchase of Diagnostic Equipments. The Committee is headed by Prof. Mushtaq Ahmad and comprises of 20 Resident Members 11 Non-resident Members and 11 Technical Advisors.
  2. Finance Committee All financial matters of the Society are monitored by this Committee, it also functions in association with the other Committees of the Society on issues related to finance. The Committee is headed by Syed Manzoor Ahmad and comprises of 4 members.
  3. Purchase Committee. All the purchases of the Society are made through this Committee. All items to be purchased costing more than Rs 10,000 at one time and any individual item costing more than Rs 5,000 and should be purchased with the approval of the Purchase Committee. However, any individual item costing upto Rs 5,000 and other items costing upto Rs 10,000 to be purchased at one time shall be purchased with the approval of the Secretary of the Society.
    The purchase Committee is headed by Syed Manzoor Ahmad and comprises of 4 members.
  • The Managing Committee shall have powers to run the Society as per rules of the Society.
  • To invite and receive voluntary contributions, gifts, grants in the shape of cash, kind movable or immovable property from any person, Central or State Government, institutions permissible under law.
  • To spend or invest the funds of the Society in such a manner as they consider beneficial for the purposes of the Society and its objectives.
  • To invest any money of the Society not immediately required for the purpose there of in or upon any securities and investments authorized by law of the investment of Society funds.
  • To enter into agreements or contracts on behalf of the Society.
  • To establish or promote establishments, branches of the Society in any State of India.
  • To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any immovable or movable property and any right or privilege, which may be necessary or convenient for any of the purposes of the Society.
  • To borrow or raise any money required for the purpose of the Society.
  • To admit persons to Membership.
  • To work in association with any Society or institution having objective altogether or in part similar to those of the Society.
  • To make and from time to time repeal or alter rules or by laws of the Society, provided that the same shall not be inconsistent with the Memorandum of Association of the Society.
  • It shall be duty of the Managing Committee to produce all the requisite books for the inspection of the auditors appointed under rules and it shall be duty of the auditor appointed under the rule to audit the accounts of Society.
  • At the request of the Chairman or any other two Executive Committee members or any three members of the Managing Committee at any time, the Secretary shall summon a meeting of the Managing Committee by notice.
  • At least 5 days notice shall be given to every member of the Managing Committee for a meeting of the Managing Committee but an emergency or urgent meeting may be held at 3 days notice or otherwise at such place and time as may be determined by the Chairman or in his absence by the Secretary.
  • The quorum for holding any meeting of the Managing Committee shall consist of 1/3rd of its members.
  • The Managing Committee shall maintain proper minutes of all the proceedings of the meetings.
  • The meeting of the Managing Committee will be held at least 3 times a year preferably in April, August and December.
  • The Managing Committee shall cause the accounts of the Society to be regularly entered in proper books. The financial year of the Society shall end on 31st March each year. The branches of the Society shall also maintain proper books of accounts and shall cause the accounts to be transferred to head office at the end of each year. The books of accounts shall be open for inspection to every member of the Society provided he/she is able to convince the Managing Committee that the inspection is essential for the good of the Society. In the event of signing any transaction with banks signatures of the Secretary and the Treasurer would be necessary.
  • The accounts of the Society shall after the end of the financial year be audited by a duly qualified auditors who shall be appointed by the Managing Committee subject to approval of the General Body.

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